Sue Sykes

Title: Assistant Director - Programme and Performance Unit

Contact information

Correspondence address: 
Sheffield City Region Executive Team
11 Broad Street West
S1 2BQ

Additional Information

Assistant Director Programme and Performance Unit Scope and Responsibilities;


Constitution and Procedures

·         Develop / review SCR contract and procurement procedures

·         Develop SCR contract management register

·         (With Monitoring Officer and delegate) develop appropriate funding agreements


Governance and compliance

·         Reporting to SLT, CA, LEP, Audit and Scrutiny

·         Reporting to national government

·         Compliance with SAF governance requirements


Programme and Contract Management

·         Develop and monitor the SCR Programme Management Framework

·         Develop benefits realisation strategy

·         Own the SCR Single Assurance Framework

·         Lead SCR Programme and Performance Office

·         Manage the pipeline of SCR programme investments

·         Produce and issue SCR CA funding agreements for all programme and service areas

·         Maintain records including register of contracts / contract variations, audit files

·         Contract Compliance including submission of financial claims and performance data

·         Relationship management with contractors

·         Risk management


Performance Management

·         Commission intelligent IT performance management systems

·         Lead reporting to CA, LEP and national government

·         Risk Management, including lead change management and all programme risks,

·         Develop and produce data dashboards by theme and geography



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