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SCR - Local Enterprise Partnership - Thursday, 16th July, 2020 11.00 am

Venue: Virtual Meeting

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Welcome and Apologies


Members’ apologies were noted as above.


Declarations of Interest

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It was acknowledged the district Leaders would be ,generally required to declare interests in respect of the Major Capital Schemes that come forward as a consequence of any resolutions agreed at agenda item 5.


Notes of Last Meeting pdf icon PDF 253 KB


The notes of the previous meeting were agreed to be an accurate record.


Economic Renewal Plan pdf icon PDF 114 KB

Additional documents:


A report was received regarding the existing and future Strategic Economic Plan priorities aka the Renewal Action Plan (RAP).


It was noted the development of the Sheffield City Region (SCR) Renewal Action Plan (RAP) is an important move to mitigate the worst effects of the Covid-19 crisis and ensure a strong and timely recovery towards a more resilient economy and society.  It was confirmed the RAP is aligned with the Economic Plan (SEP) and will act as a bridge to the SEP, setting out the more immediate term actions we need to take and should allow us to reset and confirm our priorities and the sequence of interventions needed in the medium to longer term.


It was noted the RAP has been designed with three linked horizons in mind: Relief (immediate term), Recovery (medium term) and Resilience (long term) and that the interventions in the draft RAP developed so far are designed to be delivered within the next 12 to 18 months.


The meeting was provided with a detailed explanation of the substantive themes contained within the plan.


It was noted the Mayor’s Economic Recovery Sub Group has greatly informed the development of the RAP.


The draft RAP was attached at Appendix 1 to the report.


Members thanked officers for the work undertaken in developing both the plan and the supporting analysis, noting the SCR is ahead of other city regions on this respect. It was asserted that recovery needs to be ‘jobs led and rooted in recognition of the needs of the local and regional economies.


It was agreed the SCR needs to speak with ‘one voice’ as a means of maximising the effectiveness of our discussions with government.


It was clarified that the RAP is synonymous with the previously reported ERP (Economic Recovery Plan). It was also noted the data collated to support the RAP will be made available to partners for other recovery related initiatives.


It was agreed the SCR needs to take a proactive, and not just a responsive, approach to ensuring businesses know what support is available to them, in both the shorter and longer terms.


The meeting discussed the importance of ensuring the RAP is supportive of addressing the various issues of inequality that have been made more evident during the pandemic.


It was noted some city regions have used their recovery plans to highlight ‘big ticket’ investment opportunities as ways to drive economic growth and questioned what the SCR’s inspiring projects are. It was proposed that whilst such projects will catch the eye of government, we need to ensure any such projects genuinely improve the local economy and create local jobs.


The importance of the SCR Thematic Board, and also the SCR Growth Hub in taking forward RAP initiatives and wider support for government were asserted.


The meeting discussed the importance of progressing work in conjunction with our universities and noted what initiatives are in place to ensure that will happen.


It was noted the intended final version would be presented to the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Getting SCR Building pdf icon PDF 117 KB

Additional documents:


A report was received to provide an update on the recent announcements for devolved funding to support major employment and housing development in the SCR.


The meeting was informed that on the 30th June 2020, the Government launched ‘A New Deal for Britain’ which it set out the first steps in stimulating the economy following Covid 19 pandemic and that as part of this strategy, £73.6m of funding (£33.6m (Major Capital Schemes) and £40m (Brownfield Fund)) has been allocated to the MCA for supporting immediately deliverable infrastructure schemes and to support the development of housing schemes on brownfield land.


The schemes being progressed through the Major Capital Schemes funding were noted and the meeting acknowledged the excellent work undertaken by the SCR and district Members and officers within a very short time frame to pull the list together.


It was noted there is a need to get the funding invested as soon as possible whilst recognising the need to accord with any grant conditions and assurance frameworks, identifying opportunities to expediate preparatory work wherever possible.


It was noted the government have requested the sign-off of the programme by the Mayor or LEP Chair (on behalf of their board), confirming that the submission is an agreed list, and the S151/71 officer to affirm the deliverability of the project spend this year and next. This delegation was duly supported by the Board.


Regarding the Brownfield Fund award, it was noted discussions are ongoing in respect of whether additional revenue funding will be forthcoming.


The report set out the actions being taken to meet this challenge and accelerate delivery of these schemes across the SCR.


RESOLVED, that the Board:


  1. Notes the Government’s funding allocation to the MCA for infrastructure of £33.6m (Major Capital Schemes) and £40m (Brownfield Fund) for housing developments;


  1. Notes support for the proposed Major Capital Schemes set out in Annex 1 for the capital spend


3.    Notes support for the proposals for accelerating the delivery of the infrastructure and housing schemes as set out in the conditions of the funding allocation.


GatewayEast Economic Blueprint pdf icon PDF 116 KB

Additional documents:


A report was received to present the GatewayEast Economic Blueprint for discussion.


It was noted the SCR has long since recognised the strategic importance of Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) to the future economic and social growth of the region, as captured within the SCR SEP. This also identifies the surrounding GatewayEast site as a key growth area which has the potential for over 2,000 new homes and over 50ha of employment space.


The report recapped engagements with the site’s owners (Peel Holdings) (which are now captured within a high-level statement of intention for how we achieve the next stage of growth) and set out how the GatewayEast Blueprint, as the first step towards achieving the growth ambition for the area.


The report commented in detail on the next steps for the implementation of the Blueprint.


The meeting considered the importance of not loosing cognisance of environmental, climate change and sustainability (ecological and economical) matters as this project develops.


RESOLVED, that the Board


  1. Notes the content of the Blueprint.


2.    Agrees the proposed next steps for implementation of the Blueprint.


Careers Hub pdf icon PDF 212 KB


A report was received to highlight the offer of a grant from the Careers and Enterprise Company to the LEP Board to deliver a careers hub, based on the pilot project which is currently operating in Doncaster only.


Further information was provided to outline the highlights and successes of the current pilot project which seeks to implement better linkages between careers advisors and young people leaving education, matching skills with career opportunities.


The report commented on the options for what the grant could be utilised for subject to the recommend acceptance of the grant.


It was noted that subject to endorsement, the report would go to the MCA for final approval.


RESOLVED, that the Board:


  1. Endorses the potential programme as outlined, and recommendation for the acceptance of the grant.


2.    Notes a report will go to the MCA Board on the 27th July formally requesting the acceptance of the grant.


Local Growth Fund (LGF) Programme pdf icon PDF 93 KB


A report was received to provide an update on the current LGF programme position, the available headroom and the current level of over programming.


The report recommended selection of one scheme onto the LGF programme in order that a Full Business Case may be developed.


Members were reminded the LGF is a 6 year, £360m funding programme secured through three rounds of Local Growth Fund bids. 2020/21 is the final year of funding. Some investment made in the early years of the programme have now repaid loan funding back to the programme which has

increased the total value of available programme funding to £377.6m.


It was noted the available programme headroom is £16.7m.


Members were asked to consider a proposal from ‘Company 0118’ which is seeking support from the LEP regarding its growth plans which include the creation of additional jobs. It was reiterated that entry into the programme does not imply any particular outcome beyond a commitment to evaluate the company’s ask for support.


RESOLVED, that the Board approves the selection of Company 0118 into the LGF Programme to develop a Full Business Case.


Board Diversity pdf icon PDF 133 KB

Additional documents:


A report was received to provide the Board with an update on current board composition against the ambitions set out in the LEP Diversity Policy and against the standards set by the LEP Review.


This paper also sought views on the proposal to co-opt a Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive to the Board, a further recruitment campaign with the aim of achieving a more diverse Board and views on the development of a talent programme to advance underrepresented groups in non-executive Board positions across South Yorkshire


The meeting discussed how the SCR would be strengthened from embracing the diversity in all its guises.


RESOLVED, that the Board:


  1. Endorses, following a selection process within the sector, Angela Foulkes joining the LEP Board as a co-opted member representing FE Colleges.


  1. Endorses the proposal to seek the co-option of a Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive to support and advise on the SEP and the Renewal Plan.


  1. Endorses the launch of a new recruitment campaign, commencing in July 2020, that will target applications from a more diverse pool with the aim of making new appointments from the end September 2020.


4.    Endorses the development of a talent programme, sponsored by the LEP, to advance underrepresented groups in non-executive Board positions across South Yorkshire.


Mayoral Update pdf icon PDF 217 KB


Provided for information.


The Mayor noted this had been a milestone week for South Yorkshire with the Devolution Order having been laid before parliament and welcomed the work and opportunities this would now unlock for the benefit of the region.


Information was provided regarding what preparatory work is being undertaken in readiness for the new powers and funding the deal unlocks.


Chief Executive's Update pdf icon PDF 262 KB


Provided for information.


The meeting discussed the plans in place for SEP and Recovery Plan consultation.